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As a therapist, I come from a queer and engaged social justice perspective to utilize tools from Gestalt therapy, relational therapy, mindfulness, EMDR trauma therapy, and attachment-focused therapies. I seek to be gender-affirming, sex-positive, fat-positive, poly/non-monogamous/kink aware, and committed to non-pathologizing approaches based in a person's innate ability to heal.

I often work with people experiencing depression, hopelessness and anxiety, and who have experienced traumatic events and relationships. I have extensive experience supporting LGBTQIA and questioning people (including trans and non-binary teens and adults), people who have survived religious/spiritual trauma, and people who are organizers and activists.

Client receives teletherapy from Anemone
Client trauma therapy EMDR Anemone Schlotterbeck
Adolescent client gender-affirming therapy Anemone Schlotterbeck, LSW




A bit about therapy

As a therapist, I start from a space of curiosity for exploration and affirmation without judgement. I believe that every person has the capacity for healing and growth, and I see therapy as a tool for accessing that innate capacity, founded on a real relationship with each person I see in therapy. Many people I work with have experienced traumatic events and oppression from systems that target certain people for exclusion and violence. Despite the obstacles that can prevent us from experiencing connection, I believe that every person is capable and worthy of love and community.

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